Dmitry Malioutov can’t say much about what he built. As a research scientist at IBM, Malioutov spends part of his time building…

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You never know what a meeting for a quick coffee in Palo Alto can turn into.

What was supposed to be an ‘informal’ chat (if there is such thing when talking with PhD’s) about feedforward-feedback machine learning models, turned into a philosophical discussion on duck-rabbit paradigm shifts (disclaimer 1: I’m just a nerd without credentials on either topic you choose, with a genuine interest though)


AI and machine learning changes the software paradigm computers have been based on for many decades.

In the traditional computing domain, providing an input, we feed it into an algorithm to produce the desired output. This is the rule-based frameworkthe majority of the systems around us still work with.


Bill Schmarzo, CTO of Dell EMC Services examines whether or not data science is really science, and how it gets done in the world of IoT and big data.

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