Optimizing Mind Technology?


Today, AI is assisting more and more professionals in making critical decisions in such areas as medical diagnosis, defense operations, self-driving cars and more.  Given the high impact of these decisions, there is growing need to reveal AI’s decision making process.  For this reason, more and more organizations, such as DARPA, are working on “Explainable AI” (XAI) initiatives.   AI visibility will enhance confidence in your developed algorithms ability to  provide logical and profitable solutions.

The power of AI, particularly deep learning neural network algorithms, is indisputable and often surpasses human performance in critical use-cases. However, AI has many hidden layers which are not interpretable by humans. This makes the entire AI system somewhat of a blackbox. Additionally, many AI systems suffer from adversarial cases in which they can be easily fooled.   This makes current AI systems intimidating to use, despite their clear and overwhelming benefit.

Optimizing Mind (OM) provides you with the capability to discern any AI system. Our software will make every layer of AI visible and will allow you to provide your customers with more trust-worthy products.    It will relieve you from un-explainable AI situations and lead to fully transparent and easily understood decisions.

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