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In today’s world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) aids professionals to make critical decisions. Its apparent in the field of medical diagnosis,defense operations and in upcoming fields such as self-driving cars.  Given the high impact of these decisions, there is growing need to reveal AI’s decision making process. Organizations such as DARPA have already working on explainable AI (XAI) initatives and many are following their footsteps. AI visibility will enhance your confidence in developed algorithms to provide logical and profitable solutions.

Optimizing Mind Technology?

Something is called a black box because what is inside is unknown.

Black box testing for example, is used in QA to do tests without knowing what is being tested and only manipulating the inputs and paying attention to the outputs.

What is a black-box?

xAI or XAI stands for explainable artificial intelligence, which means the properties of the AI and why it makes the decisions it does are clear and understood.

What is xAI?