Disrupting 65+ years of AI.  It’s next generation xAI.  Now.

  • A genuine worlds first breakthrough in AI visibility and insight.
  • Finally the ability to trust and verify your AI.
  • Prevent AI from going bad.
  • Bring confidence to your AI endeavors. Remove the fear, anxiety and doubt.
  • A worlds first ability to incrementally update your model without retraining! (Allows for human-in-the-loop guidance, AI updating AI, self-learning.)
  • Beyond reinforcement learning and LIME by several steps.
  • The only technology to assist regulators in any industry even with network non-linearities.
  • Makes the previously impossible possible, such as active learning on mobile and IoT devices, provable correctness in self-driving vehicles, self improvement, learning on the fly, fog computing with edge devices, self modifying networks, artificial general intelligence (AGI) and many more.
  • No HPC required.
  • Prepare for disruption.

We are able to take any network based on feed-forward weights: neural, deep, convolutional, recurrent, reinforcement learning, etc & explain it.

You provide the network & OM provides a report with a full illumination.

The WHY of AI. Now.